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Author: The Park

Chicago Pizza Places Near Humboldt Park

The best thing about living in the Chicago land area is undoubtedly the food. Everything you can possibly want is here in Chicago. By far the best is the Chicago deep dish pizza. There is nothing that is loved more here than the best Chicago pizza near me at Giordano’s. They have made a name for themselves with their delicious pizza. Another honorable mention for Chicago pizza would be Home Run Inn Pizza and Uno’s. All are the best here in our city.

Best Thin Crust Pizza

There is something about the Home Run Inn thin crust that makes the pizza so delicious. A Chicago native, established in 1947, Home Run Inn is a mus try when visiting Chicago.  The pizza is made with a special recipe that is easily identifiable as their own when you taste it for yourself. Pizza is a great tasting treat indeed but even the healthiest person would have to agree that this pizza is irresistible.

Best Chicago Pizza Delivery

All the best pizza restaurants in Chicago deliver if needed. But where is the fun in that. The best part about a Chicago pizzeria is dining inside the pizza place. The ambiance alone is reason enough to bring your family out. Most pizza places in Chicago provide an experience that is just undeniable when it comes to the experience it provides. Chicago is truly a magical place.

If you have ever been to the Taste of Chicago you more than likely were able to try the best that Chicago has to offer. If you haven’t been able to make it to our city please make plans to do so soon as I would like everyone to feel this experience the way we do living here.

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Take Care of Your Home

Looking at the world and how things are going, it is no surprise to us that the selfishness of the human race outweighs what is truly important in this world and that is the world itself. There is no getting out if it doesn’t go well, there is no other planet to go to once we destroy this one. This is it and it needs your help. You can start by taking care of your local park so that others may enjoy it the way that you do.

Pick Up Trash

It is as simple as picking up apiece of trash when you see it. A quick tip, you can take gloves with you in your car so that you don’t have to touch the trash yourself. Most places in Chicago have trash bins on the corner for you to throw the trash away so that you don’t have to ride around with someone else’s trash in your vehicle.


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